A St. John's couple who only recently married say they are ecstatic to have won about $400,000 in a lottery this weekend.

"I'm doing the happy dance," said Joe Gulliver, who said he is still adjusting to the news of Saturday's sudden windfall — one he says caps a run of good luck.

"We met in the last year, we got married, we bought this house…and we were so happy," he told CBC News. "I won the lottery of love first, and now I won the Lotto Max."

Oddly enough, Colleen Gulliver said the win was literally a dream come true.

"I had a dream we had won some money and I could see my name in print. So I woke my husband up and I told him of the dream and he said, 'Well, I have to check the tickets.' "

The Gullivers' win was eclipsed by a ticket that won a $30-million jackpot, with the winner or winners still unknown.

Joe is a painter-plasterer. Colleen is a government worker who had spent much of her adult life as a single mother.

"Two hard workers getting a break," he said.

Joe Gulliver went to a dealership on Saturday to buy a new truck. His wife is planning a family vacation to Disney World.