'Hanky Panky hustler' raids St. John's lingerie store

A thief smashed his way into a lingerie boutique in the northeast end of St. John's early Tuesday morning, and fled with cash registers and about $3,000 of bras and panties.
A thief broke into a St. John's lingerie store, making off with cash and women's undergarments 2:47

A thief who smashed his way into a lingerie boutique in St. John's this week and fled with cash registers and about $3,000 worth of bras and panties has been given a new moniker: the Hanky Panky hustler.

A surveillance video clearly showed a man breaking into Le Boudoir on White Rose Drive early on Tuesday morning.

Store co-owner Mona Winter said she was baffled as to why her boutique was targeted.

Winter said the suspect drove up to the door in a pickup truck, and then used a rock to break in. 

"With the rock in hand, [he] throws it at the door, then continues to smash the door in with his foot, a big enough hole to crawl in through," Winter told CBC News. 

"He walked across [the store] and ripped the two cashes, carried them out — then came back and took an armload of bras and an armload of panties. For us it was totally unexpected."  

Nicole Whittle, a co-owner of the store, said the man also tossed a lit cigarette on the floor. 

Nicole Whittle, co-owner of Le Boudoir on White Rose Drive, says about $3,000 in merchandise was stolen from her boutique. (CBC)
It took the suspect just three minutes to get away with a couple of hundred dollars cash and about $3,000 worth of lingerie.

Whittle said he took a number of bras, and lace panties which are the store's most popular panty brand, Hanky Panky.

"So we've named him the 'Hanky Panky hustler,' that's what he's known in our store as."

Whittle said as a business owner, she's learned from the experience.

"It's more for independent businesses to be more aware ... to realize it's yes, an added cost, but invest in security cameras and invest in security systems to prevent this from happening."

Damage to the store is estimated at $2,000.

No arrests have been made.

With files from Todd O'Brien