Hair-pulling assault on sheriff in court

Alexandria Harnum attacked a female sheriff and pulled out a large chunk of hair.
Alexandria Harnum, who has a history of assaulting peace officers, appears in court again on Thursday.

A female sheriff was attacked Tuesday during a bail hearing in a St. John's courtroom, according to witnesses. 

Alexandria Harnum was making an appearance because on Saturday she was charged with assaulting another woman at Lottie's Bar on George St.

During the hearing, Harnum asked, "Is my bail denied?"

When judge Pamela Goulding answered yes, Harnum tried to punch the female sheriff.

The victim was able to block her, but Harnum then quickly grabbed her hair, pulling out a chunk from the top of the sheriff's scalp.

It took a total of five sheriffs to get a screaming, cursing Harnum under control.She was eventually carried out of the courtroom.

Back in court on Wednesday, Harnum mocked Goulding as she read the new charges against her.

"Can you say something I understand? I do not understand. F--k you, you F--king b---h," said Harnum.

Harnum may only be 22, but she has a 16-page criminal record with more than 70 convictions — 10 of which are for assaulting peace officers.

Harnum is back in court Thursday, following an overnight psychiatric assessment.