Guitar assault results in guilty plea

A Bell Island man today pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon — an unusual weapon.
Gerard Hammond pleaded guilty today to assaulting his wife with a guitar. (CBC)

A Bell Island man today pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon — an unusual weapon.

Gerard Hammond, 67, says he and his wife had a heated argument a month ago.

According to the statement of facts read in court by the Crown, his wife kicked him in the groin.

That's when Hammond picked up an acoustic guitar and began bashing her with it.

The court was told she had cuts to her face, legs, and needed stitches to close a wound to her head.

Hammond's brother called for help.

When the police arrived, they said Hammond’s wife was slow in responding, and that there was blood all over the house.

Today, Hammond pleaded guilty to the assault in family violence court. A person can only go through family violence court if they are willing to plead guilty.

It also means they can get help for problems they may have, like anger management. That could help to lessen their sentence. 

A pre-sentencing report is required to assess Hammond’s progress in those courses, and his risk to re-offend.

Judge Greg Brown wished Hammond well with his counselling and therapy.

Hammond is not in custody. He's out on conditions that include a ban on drinking and a pledge to only contact his wife by phone.

And Hammond can only go back to Bell Island while his wife is away for several weeks.

He’s scheduled to be back in court next month for a status update.