The last of three men accused of robbing a grocery store in western Newfoundland last month pleaded guilty Monday to armed robbery.

Richard Gerard King, 24, admitted armed robbery and forcible confinement during an appearance in provincial court in Stephenville.

The charges were laid after a Dominion store in Stephenville was robbed late one night in December. A clerk at the store was taped to a chair while the thieves tried in vain to get into the store's safe.

Two other men, Shane Sheppard and Thomas Hickey, have already pleaded guilty.

Police had also charged Sheppard with shooting Hickey in nearby Black Duck Siding the day after the robbery, in what police described as a ruse to throw investigators off the trail of the Dominion holdup. Sheppard and Hickey were both also charged with mischief.

King is expected to appear in court March 18 for a sentencing hearing.