A group is saying that as far as tourist attractions go, the Exploits River isn't living up to its full potential.

Rob Canning, with the Exploits River Club, said the increase in the number of boats in the area would add a boost to the tourist economy in the community.

"We see new boats being purchased all the time, which is great to see, so with that, with more people using the river then I think it's time to upgrade the infrastructure," Canning said.


Rob Canning, with the Exploits River Club, says there is room for improving the state of the Exploits River to drum up tourism interest. (CBC)

Canning is campaigning for a new boat launch in Bishop's Falls, similar to the one in Grand Falls-Windsor.

There are also submerged pillars under the waves, and Canning said a cleanup of the river would also be a good start to ensure everyone's safety.

"Another huge issue for me is, if you're travelling east in the river, there's no signage or any type of markings to let you know that the falls is there," he said. "So if somebody new was out there, there could be bad events."

Fred Parsons, with the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, said these are the kinds of initiatives needed to boost the tourism industry in central Newfoundland.

"I think the locals are starting to realize that they have a great potential, just right in their backyard," Parsons said.

"It can offer anything that they want to do, from boating or just out for the day to enjoy the water itself," he added.

Canning is hoping to drum up interest in his cause, starting with a public meeting in Bishop's Falls on Monday evening to brainstorm ideas with local people.