A man from the west coast of Newfoundland has been sentenced in connection to more than $600 worth of stolen groceries from a supermarket in Corner Brook.

Clifton Duffney of Stephenville appeared in provincial court on Wednesday morning.

The court heard that on Aug. 4, Duffney waited in his car, while another man went into the Coleman's supermarket on O'Connell Drive. 

The other man collected the groceries, left the store without paying, and loaded the goods into Duffney's minivan.

Both men were arrested a short time later on the Trans-Canada Highway. Duffney pleaded guilty to possessing stolen property on Tuesday. 

Duffney told the court that "it was a stupid thing to do, and it will never happen again."

In her sentencing on Wednesday, Judge Kymil Howe took into account that the 58-year-old pensioner had no previous trouble with the law, and had shown remorse.

Howe gave Duffney a conditional discharge, meaning he won't have a criminal record.

He has also been given nine months of probation, as well as a $50 fine. Duffney has also been banned from every Coleman's store in the province.

The co-accused will appear in court at a later date.