Some grisly photos were entered as evidence at an aggravated assault trial in St. John's on Tuesday.

The victim of the attack, Dean Maher, claims he was viciously beaten by two people with steel pipes last year.

The pictures show Maher with a bloodied face, his eyes swollen shut, with stitches to his head and ear.

Maher had fractures to his skull, his jaw was broken, and his ribs were bruised.

A young offender was already found guilty of the assault. Now, Rob King, 25, of Conception Bay South, is on trial for allegedly taking part in the attack.

Met at a party

Rob King on trial on Sept. 17 for his alleged involvement in the aggravated assault of Dean Maher

Rob King, 25, of Conception Bay South, is on trial for allegedly taking part in the aggravated assault of Dean Maher after a party last year. (CBC)

Maher told the court on Tuesday that he had met King at a party in C.B.S. 

He admitted that he told King the town is full of "pill heads." He said it was clear King didn't like the comment, and became defensive.

Maher testified that a girl at the party told him that King wanted to fight him. Maher said he would, but then left the party in his truck.

But Maher ended up running into King and the young offender in the case on a nearby road.

Maher said he got out of his truck, and saw that the pair had pipes in their hands. 

He said he turned to run but they caught up to him, and the first blow dropped him to the ground.

Maher said when he put up his hands to protect his face, the two pounded his ribs. And Maher said when he tried to protect his ribs, they aimed for his head.

He said when he came to, he was alone. Maher then managed to get back in his truck and drive to his cousin's house, who then took him to the hospital.

The defence tried to poke holes in Maher's credibility.

Maher has admitted having memory problems, and has given different versions of the same events.

The trial continues on Wednesday.