Three homes have been evacuated in the isolated south coast community of Grey River. 

"A brook in Grey River has been blocked with ice, and the water is overflowing into the community," said resident Cathy Barter.

Larry Short, the chair of the local service district, said the water buildup has become just too much for parts of the community.

"All the rain from last night came from three or four different sources and it all came down through the one brook," said Short.

"When it got to the bridge, when all of this started to, I guess, come together this morning, we got it backed up probably 150 feet or so," continued Short. 

"The water is still coming over the road and still flowing down through the school board apartments."

The small community is just one of many locations across the province to report problems with rain and melting snow.

Transportation officials issued warnings early Tuesday of slippery road conditions related to freezing rain, particularly in western Newfoundland. 

Temperatures soared in eastern Newfoundland, leading to standing pools of water on countless roads. 

Short said he was worried that all that water in Grey River will freeze if the temperature drops. 

Short said the community is arranging to get a backhoe on Thursday. The machinery has to get to Grey River by ferry.