Staff at Memorial University's Corner Brook campus want to know what students think of the food options provided.

Grenfell campus offers three private vendors that sell food like pizza, sandwiches and french fries.

Marie-Claude Renaud, Grenfell's marketing co-ordinator, says with another 200 students about to move into the residence, it is a good time to review the menu.

Students will be asked what foods they prefer.

"It's about the location, the atmosphere, where we actually eat," Renaud said. "What type of things would they like to see there?"

She said that students will be asked about the availability of services.

"We're also asking them questions about the time they're on campus, from morning to evening, because right now the services, pretty much everything, closes up at around 4:30-5 p.m."

High school students in the Corner Brook area will also be surveyed, as potential future Memorial attendees.