Gregory Rich, the new chief of Natuashish, says he will do his best to address the serious social problems in his community and to overcome the divisions that have plagued the community's previous councils.

"I'm willing to work with everyone in the community," said Rich. "And the members that are elected, I'll be working with them, sitting at the table to discuss the issues that are very, very sensitive - like gas sniffing." 

Rich, and the four newly elected councillors, John Nui, Sebastien Piwas, Nachelle Poker and Mary Jane Edmonds, now face the task of rebuilding the community.  

Natuashish has been struggling with debt, housing, and substance abuse issues.

Rich said he will try to re-establish working relationships with other groups and government agencies, such as Health Canada, to start dealing with his community's problems. 

"They're willing to help us," said Rich. 
Rich said his first priority is to hold a community meeting to discuss the health issues facing Natuashish. 

He said the way Friday's election was run was a good start to his term. 

"For us to have a clean election and to have a sober election, that's the first step to becoming a healthy community again."