A great white shark that was tracked to Placentia Bay earlier this week has moved on to other waters.

Earlier this year, Ocearch, a group tracking and researching the ocean's most notorious predators, had tagged the shark off Jacksonville, Fla.

The shark, named Lydia by her trackers, had travelled thousands of kilometres, finding her way to this province. 

nl ocearch lydia tracking map 20131101

Lydia the shark has travelled some lengthy distances since Ocearch began tracking her earlier this year. (Courtesy Ocearch)

She was most recently found off the coast of Marystown, but has since turned around and headed south, past Cape St. Mary's.

Researchers don't know exactly why Lydia travelled north to Newfoundland, but suggested it could have to do with the seal population.

The tracking technology has only recently advanced enough to be able to tag and follow sharks.

Scientists have been closely monitoring the movement of multiple sharks in the hopes of learning more about their mysterious lives, including where they feed and breed, so they can be protected.

No sightings of Lydia were reported in the province.