After months of recovery at the Salmonier Nature Park, a great horned owl was returned to the wild in Labrador Friday afternoon.

The bird was discovered near the North West River highway three months ago.

It was suspected the bird had a broken wing, but staff at the Salmonier Nature Park guess it was a sprain after X-rays showed no break.

Retired ecologist Frank Phillips was the first person at the scene when the injured owl was found.

He wasn't sure what would happen after it was set free back in the wild.

"This bird has been in captivity for three months now, and it's not used to being a wild bird anymore so these things can go a lot of different ways," said Phillips.

"Maybe it'll just sit there … we can only try our best."

Phillips and wildlife biologist Tony Chubbs, along with a small crowd, were on scene to watch the bird as it flew away right after being released.

Observer Jenny Gear said she wouldn't have missed seeing the owl released for the world.   

"To bring it back home where it came from it's just a nice story. It's a very happy ending," said Gear.