A sold-out show in downtown St. John's provided the opportunity this weekend for Great Big Sea to finish an anniversary tour at home.

"We wanted to have this one to say thanks to the town that started us all off, so it would be a shame if we didn't get to say a personal thanks to them tonight," said singer Alan Doyle, describing Saturday's show at Mile One Centre.

Great Big Sea's 20th anniversary tour tied into a retrospective anthology called XX, and took the trio and supporting musicians from California to points east.

While the band welcomed a hometown audience, Doyle said such a finale comes with challenges.

"It's also where you are by far the most nervous," Doyle said. "You know, you're the most nervous about who's going to come, who's sitting where ... where Mom's chairs are."

The latest tour included two dates at Boston's Wilbur Theatre, right on the heels of the April 15 bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Multi-instrumentalist Bob Hallett said in the immediate wake of the bombings, it wasn't even clear if that leg of the tour would proceed.

"We were lucky enough to be able to do the show and be part of this huge, cathartic release," Hallett told CBC News.

"It was a concert that kind of needed to happen for the people there and to be able to be part of that celebration was just an incredible feeling."

Four of Great Big Sea's albums have gone platinum, six others have been certified as gold.

While the tour has concluded, the band says it has no plans of slowing down. Members head out in the summer to play dates in Canada and the U.S.