The town of Holyrood on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula is finding that fat is bad for its arteries — the kind of arteries that carry sewage underground. 

Mayor Gary Goobie says some people have been discarding fat down the sink, and that's clogged sewer lines.

In one case, it cost about $8,000 to clear the fat out of a sewage pumping station.

Goobie says the town is going to run a campaign to educate people about the do's and don'ts of getting rid of grease.

"Be careful. When you are discarding fat, make sure that the fat is skimmed off or hardened up and then discarded in the garbage rather than pouring the grease down in the sink," Goobie said. 

"Because once it goes in our line it cools down and then the grease hardens up and it gets clogged in the line. So it operates similar to a human body."

Goobie says the campaign will also try to convince people to stop dumping other items down toilets and drains that can block sewers.