Grandmother saves runaway baby stroller

A St. John's grandmother rescues a child in a runaway baby stroller.

A grateful family is thanking a St. John's grandmother for rescuing a child in a runaway baby stroller.

Elizabeth Buckley saw a stroller carrying a five-year-old girl rolling down Hamlyn Road on Thursday, with the mother running behind, trying to catch up.

Buckley says she was able to reach out and grab the stroller before it reached a busy intersection.

"I realized after then I saved a little child's life, and I'm right happy," said Buckley.

"It's really something. I'm one that's sees something, and I get scared," she said, saying she was proud of her quick reaction.

The little girl received a mild concussion.

Buckley also had minor injuries and was knocked unconscious briefly.

Buckley said the child and her family visited her last night and brought her a bouquet of flowers as a thank you.