The federal and provincial governments announced Tuesday they are going to lighten the workload for parents of newborns.

After a baby is born, parents will now have less paperwork to file than before.

The governments have compressed four forms into one; there is now only one application for a Social Insurance Number, Canada child benefits, provincial parental benefits and provincial health insurance.

Service NL Minister Nick McGrath said there has been a lot of red tape cut out of the process.

"The old way of doing things was cumbersome and not exactly convenient for new parents," he said.

McGrath said the new system will allow parents to enjoy their newborn, rather than deal with the stress of filing various forms with different organizations.

"One of the most important things that we wanted to do here was cut down on the red tape and the inconvenience, especially to new parents," he said.

"With a new baby, they have other things to concentrate on besides standing in long lineups for probably hours to get that vital information."

The new Bundled Birth Service will eventually save governments a bundle of money, as well.

The province is hoping to launch the new service online by June.