A mother advocating for access to midwifes is disappointed with the time it will take for the provincial government to implement new regulations.

"I can't understand why there is what appears to be resistance to adopting something that has been proven so successful in other provinces and other countries across the world," Nicole Kavanagh said.

Last week, the provincial government released a report that said midwives should be made more available here, but it may take up to seven years to implement the plan.

"The experience of other jurisdictions in introducing midwives into existing systems and institutions shows that it takes time, effort and collaborative planning by all stakeholders," Health Minister Susan Sullivan said.

Kavanagh said the process is too slow.

Kavanagh gave birth to her first child while living in Ottawa in 2008. Her family was planning to move back to St. John's in 2010, but waited so she would not lose access to a midwife.

"If I thought we could have the same experience here we would have moved back, but it wasn't possible," says Kavanagh.

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of only three regions in the country without regulated midwives.