The Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association says the provincial government is misleading the public about what is being offered to teachers in the ongoing contract negotiations.

Association President Jim Dinn said teachers want to send a clear message to the province about expectations for the negotiations.

Dinn said Finance Minister Charlene Johnson has made confusing statements about two key sticking points: assigning substitute teachers and family leave.

"She has suggested that government supports the provision of family leave for teachers, [but] we haven't heard that at the negotiating table," said Dinn.

"We would love to have their negotiating team to be saying at the table what she has been saying in public."

Dinn said teachers in the province are still waiting for government to meet their demands, and they'll continue to wait.

"They [government] need to know that we are standing strong on what we believe in and that as far as we are concerned what we are asking for is reasonable. So if it's a test of wills, government certainly needs to know that teachers are standing behind their association in these demands."

The NLTA held an information session for about 50 teachers in St. John's Tuesday night.

Talks with the NLTA and government broke off this spring. The two sides are currently in the process of choosing members for a conciliation board.