Tom Marshall

Premier Tom Marshall announced Thursday that he would establish a committee to oversee the Muskrat Falls project. (CBC)

Premier Tom Marshall says he will establish a new government committee to provide oversight of the Muskrat Falls project.

Marshall said the committee will consist of top government officials and some information will be released to the public. 

Despite Muskrat Falls having already been heavily studied and assessed by a long list of experts, according to Marshall, he wants to add another layer of security for the public. 

"It is a big project. It is the people's project," Marshall said Thursday, "We sense that the people want to have more information."

"They want more oversight and that's what we are doing."

The committee would oversee top government bureaucrats from the departments of finance and natural resources, and will be chaired by the clerk of the executive council and report directly to cabinet.

Marshall admits not everything the committee does will be made public, but he is promising annual or quarterly financial updates on the project. 

Liberal leader Dwight Ball said it is too little too late.
"Most of the commitments to Muskrat Falls are already made, without oversights," Ball said.

"So, it leaves us in a very precarious situation here about cost overruns."

NDP leader Lorraine Michael said she wants external oversight rather than more internal controls. 

"You know, I'm not going to be comfortable because executive council ... the Premier says to me 'oh, it's OK, we've seen everything and everything is fine.'"

The full details on the committee will be released next week.