A scared, wet cat named Gorbachev was saved Sunday after spending more than 12 hours on top of a hydro pole in a St. John's neighbourhood.

The cat, also known as Gorby, climbed to the top of a utility pole on William Street in the Georgestown neighbourhood after he was chased by a dog.

Baptiste Neis, Gorby's owner, spent a sleepless night trying to call him down from a perch high above the streetscape.

"I thought he'd be able to figure it out and back down," she said.

"As the night wore on, it was just a sense of powerlessness."

No one was able to coax Gorby down until Newfoundland Power worker Gerry Maynard arrived on the scene with a bucket truck.

"It felt good," he told CBC News. "You don't want to see an animal in harm."

Newfoundland Power crews have been working around the clock, trying to resolve issues during power outages caused by extreme winter weather and problems with the province's power grid,.

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