cfb goose bay aerial shot

Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay, in an arerial photograph taken by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (Wikimedia Commons)

Just two years after major renovations to the Goose Bay Airport, the general manager says there's a big need for more expansion.

Goronwy Price said the airport gets really crowded during peak times, and that's due to the growing number of charter flights for workers at the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric construction site.

Price said there are only a couple of charter flights a day right now, carrying approximately 50 passengers, but that's soon going to change.

"There's not going to be one or two charters. There's going to be possibly three or four on the ground at one time, which means that numbers are going to expand, so we have to look at that and make sure we can handle it," he said.

According to Price, the airport corporation is currently working on ways to get the expansion underway.

"Our board of directors of the corporation understand that based on the numbers and based on the experience that we have now, we have to do something in order to make the flow work," he said.

Price said the board is looking at building a new gate for passengers who will be travelling to the coast and on charter flights, but no final decisions have been made.