A student-run video gaming group that raises money for charity has received a cease and desist order from an international organization.

Jillian Thistle, the treasurer of Goodwill Gaming at Memorial University in St. John's, said Goodwill Industries International, Inc. contacted them in late August about the name of the group.

"They sent us an email … stating that they have the word 'Goodwill,' and any variation of it, trademarked. So basically they told us we can't use it anymore," Thistle said.

Thistle said the issue strikes her as ironic, because the issue is about two charities wanting to use the term 'goodwill.'

"A lot of our members were pretty upset, some of them were angry, and we're all pretty upset because we worked three years to get our name known and now we just have to scrap it," she said.

The group has had to cancel at least three fundraising events, and Thistle said they aren't sure if they will be able to pull together their annual gaming marathon event in December.

According to Thistle, the group has taken a break to figure out the situation.

"Right now, we're on a hiatus. We're going to try to come back, hopefully by November, with a new name and a new brand and try to get things back on the go," she said.

"We have to do a complete change and, with that, we're going to have to completely rebrand, so we're going to have to basically start out from scratch after raising over $16,000 for various charities."

Thistle said moving forward, the group is checking for existing trademarks on any possible names to avoid the same situation in future.

Goodwill Industries is a private organization that provides community programs and is funded by a network of retail thrift shops.