Cars pack airport parking lots, their owners buckled in on westbound flights. Boats set out for the open ocean, leaving loved ones waving in their wake. A work culture grounded in separation is the long-term reality for many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

But when stories of fishermen and the boys of Fort McMurray dominate the headlines, the women’s stories are seemingly lost. Jill English decided to find them. 

One of those people is April Skinner. Skinner, who lives in Grand Falls-Windsor, told English in 2013 how she handled a family, a job and a chronic condition while her husband works offshore. Watch her compelling story in the video above.

About Gone Again

In 2013, as part of her Masters in Media Production with Ryerson University, Jill produced the ‘Gone Again’ series to showcase an element of Newfoundland's workforce that bridges past and present: the commute. Driving across the province with her friend Deidre, she collected stories tied to the back-and-forth relationships with friends, family and the land itself.

Catching up with Skinner

In 2014, Skinner is still with the YMCA, son Aaron is 10 and going into Grade 5. He really enjoys cod fishing with dad Andy. Andy was able to spend quite a bit of time at home this year because he was finishing up a course, graduating as a dynamic positioning officer and third mate. He is still employed with Mearsk Supply Canada and loves his job. April is proud of her family.