Two communities on the east coast of Newfoundland are looking at the possibility of amalgamation.

The Glovertown and Traytown councils are beginning a feasibility study on becoming one municipality.

Doug Churchill, mayor of Glovertown, said the talks began when Traytown asked to share water lines with his town.

He said the towns already share fire and recreation services, so this could be a natural next step, depending on the results of the study.

"What would happen in terms of an amalgamation — people on the street, as they say, may not really notice too much difference, I guess, other than the fact there might be a difference in the tax structure," said Churchill.

Churchill added the study would offer guidance to the two communities about whether amalgamation is the solution they need.

"That would just sort of give us a little bit of an insight into what the practical side of this would be and whether or not it is a sensible thing to do, and then some time then, of course, for communities and for people to discuss their issues with it as well."

Churchill said the study will likely take six months to complete.

Upon completion, he said residents of Glovertown and Traytown will be able to offer input during public consultations.