Glovertown man says he will be charged for shooting bear

A Glovertown man says he has been told he will face charges for shooting and killing a black bear on his front lawn.
Colin Oram shot a black bear that was on his front lawn. (CBC )

A Glovertown man says he has been told he will face charges for shooting and killing a black bear on his front lawn. 

Colin Oram told CBC News Thursday afternoon that he had been informed of the pending charges by the provincial Department of Justice.

Earlier, Oram defended shooting the bear.

He said he was awakened at about 3 a.m. one day last week by his two Labrador retrievers barking at a black bear standing on Oram's front porch.

"I just go out and say 'boo' just to drive him, and he walked down my steps, sat on my lawn, and looked at me," recalled Oram.  "My dad always said that if a bear don't go away when you try to shoosh him away, there's something wrong."

Oram then shot and killed the bear with a rifle. 

Oram said he immediately reported the shooting to the RCMP, who notified wildlife officials. An official came to his house several hours later, took a statement, then told Oram he was under investigation and confiscated his rifle.

Bear previously seen near Oram's home

Oram said the black bear had been wandering around his property for a couple of weeks.

Wildlife officials had set up a cage on Oram's property for several days to try to trap the bear, but they were unsuccessful. 

Oram then asked one of the officers what he should do if the bear continued to come around his house.

"He said 'well look, it's like this. It states in the law that if a bear becomes a threat to your family, you can shoot it'," said Oram. 

Bear sightings common

Residents of Glovertown have been reporting bear sightings since the town's dump closed this past spring. 

Wildlife officials have trapped 15 bears around Glovertown since June and taken them away from the town.

At least two other bears have been shot in the area.  

Officials from the Department of Justice won't comment on the shootings while they're under investigation.

Oram said he's seen another bear on his property since the incident, and if his rifle hadn't been confiscated, he would have shot that animal as well.