An old railway station in central Newfoundland now has a new home.

The big move in Glenwood was an all-day operation β€” eight hours of working in the sun, in the name of preserving part of the town's heritage.

For Robert Coates, lifting an entire building off its foundation was all in a day's work.

Glenwood, NLGlenwood

Coates and his moving company bent their backs this past week to help out their home town, hauling the old train station to a new community park.

"We just back a trailer underneath it then, lower it down, strap her on, move along with it β€” nothing to it," Coates said.

At upwards of six decades old, the train station is the oldest building in Glenwood.

Mayor Darren Bursey says a makeover will come after the move.

"It’s in not bad condition, considering its age," Bursey said. "It's going to need a little bit of a facelift."

The train station's new surroundings will also be spruced up to entice the community to come out and enjoy the park β€” and its new centrepiece.