The alleged victim in an internet luring case involving a central Newfoundland teacher said she felt confused, manipulated, and she feared her marks would suffer if she went to the police.

The girl, whose identity has been protected by the court, made the statement in court on Tuesday when she was asked why she delayed coming forward with allegations against Jody Hale, 41, of Grand Falls-Windsor.

Hale is on trial in Grand Falls-Windsor on charges of internet luring and sexual interference. He was a teacher at Cottrell's Cove Academy when the incidents were alleged to have occurred between December 2011 and March 2012.

The girl gave a teary-eyed account of communications between herself and her former teacher.

Evidence showed that 5,000 Facebook messages were exchanged between the two, and many from Hale were romantic in nature.

During cross examination of a school principal, the defence painted Hale as a model teacher who went out of his way to help students and participate in extra curricular activities.

The girl has been scheduled to take the stand again on Wednesday.

The trial has been expected to continue until Friday.