A Conception Bay South man doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. They're all now out on his front lawn, as part of a Halloween display that gets more complex every year.

Bob Farrell, a surgeon who toured with the military for two decades, said filling every square inch of his front yard with ghosts, mummies and other scary decor is a sheer pleasure.

"Some people are Christmas people, some people are Paddy's Day people. I'm just one of those Halloween people," Farrell told CBC News.

"I love the costumes. I love the theatrics of it."

After nine years of building his collection, Farrell now has to store much of his collection in a shed.

Years ago, a trickle of visitors came to look at Farrell's display. Last year, that number climbed to more than 300, and even more are expected on Thursday night.