A couple of dozen people listened quietly at a park in downtown St. John's on Thursday evening as the names of Palestinian children killed in the Gaza conflict were read aloud.

Organizers, who condemned the actions of the Israeli military, also called on the Canadian government to do more for Palestinian children.

Mohammed Bakri

Mohammed Bakri, a former Palestinian refugee now living in St. John's, was pleased to see some St. John's residents share his concerns. (CBC)

The demonstration was the second held at Harbourside Park to protest the Gaza conflict.

Demonstrators focused their opposition on Israel, which says it is defending itself from attacks from Hamas militants.

Mohammed Bakri, a former Palestinian refugee now living in St. John's, who helped organize the event, said he was pleased to see people in the city expressing concern about a conflict thousands of kilometres away.

"Despite that we are in an island in Canada, still everyone is reaching out, everyone has this humanitarian sense — it makes us feel good, it makes us feel that humanity is so good, that there's still good left in it," he said.

People who attended the vigil signed a petition calling on Ottawa to take a tough stand against Israel to end the violence.