Gas prices across Newfoundland and Labrador took a small increase on the eve of the Victoria Day long weekend, while home heating fuel also climbed higher.

The Public Utilities Board raised the ceiling Thursday on all grades of gas by as much as 1.8 cents per litre. The change may be slightly less in some areas because of rounding for taxes.

The change puts the highest allowed price for a litre of self-serve unleaded gas on the Avalon Peninsula at $1.301. Some retailers, though, charge substantially less to compete for consumers.

Prices range around the province, from $1.308 in the Corner Brook area to $1.379 in Churchill Falls.

Gas prices are about four cents less than one year ago.

The PUB used its weekly setting to lift the cost of diesel by about 0.9 cents per litre.

Consumers who rely on fuel for heat are paying more as well.

The cost of furnace oil is up by 3.31 cents per litre, while stove oil is up 3.63 cents. The cost of propane is up 4.0 cents per litre.

The chart below shows how average gas prices in Newfoundland and Labrador have changed over the last 12 months, compared to both changes in the national average for gas prices and the global price of oil.