The costs of driving and heating your home all got more expensive on Thursday, as the Public Utilities Board raised the limit on all fuels it regulates.


The cost of gas rose by about 2.4 cents per litre on Thursday. (CBC)

The cost of gas increased by as much as 2.4 cents per litre, the PUB said in its weekly setting. That brings the maximum price for a litre of self-serve unleaded gas to $1.356 at stations on the Avalon Peninsula, where gas is cheapest.

Prices vary around the province, from $1.372 in the Stephenville area to $1.421 in southern Labrador

The cost of diesel is up by 5.7 cents per litre.

Home-heating fuel costs rose across the board. Furnace oil, for instance, increased by 2.7 cents per litre.

Stove oil is up about 4.38 cents per litre while propane heating fuel is up 8.5 cents per litre. The latter cost increase does not apply to propane tanks sold for cooking.

Propane heating fuel costs have surged by 24 cents in the last four weeks.