Empty cans, plastic bags and rotting food are an unwelcome and disgusting sign of spring in the city, according to one St. John's resident who blames others for fouling the neighbourhood.

George Vokey, who lives in Stabb Court just off Elizabeth Avenue in the east end, says the garbage is more than just an eyesore, it's also a health hazard.

Garbage near Elizabeth Avenue

A neighbourhood by Elizabeth Avenue is covered with litter that accumulated over the winter. (CBC)

"I have a little dog who's after slicing her paw twice on an open can this winter, and if it was a child there'd be a lot of hell about it," said Vokey.

Vokey had asked the city and Newfoundland and Labrador Housing for help.

He said crews with Housing arrived on the scene Monday, not long after CBC News carried a story about the garbage strewn about the neighbourhood. 

He said he believed the trash came from people who put their garbage out either too early or after weekly pick-up. He wants people to start taking responsibility for their own trash.

"They have a problem with people just dispose their garbage and leave it for somebody else to clean up," he said. 

"It's not right and this is a nice neighbourhood. Elizabeth Avenue — it's a good area. So why do people do this? I don't know."

Vokey said it might help if the city enforced rules on putting garbage out before collection day.