A photographer in Gander says she was shocked to discover used needles while she was doing a recent photo shoot. 

Laura Thibodeau was near the Gander airport, taking pictures of a client and her two-year-old son in a wooded area known as the old townsite.

Thibodeau said she and her client spotted some used needles that appeared to have been used for drugs.

"I've never seen needles before, besides like, insulin needles, but to be used for drugs it was very scary," said Thibodeau. "I've been in Manitoba and Alberta, and this is the first time I've came across that."

Thibodeau added that the wooded area is a popular place for people to go for walks with their children and pets. 

"To see something like that where a child or an animal could go and pick it up, it's scary."

Both Thibodeau and her client reported their find to the RCMP.

Thibodeau said that she would like the old townsite area to be cleaned up and be patrolled by security.