Gander weather records wettest August so far

Gander has set another weather record with the wettest August ever, right after recording the hottest July.

Gander has set another weather record with the wettest August ever, just after recording the hottest July ever.

Environment Canada says more than 210 millimetres of rain fell as of Wednesday, with still a week to go in the month — double the average amount for August of 104.2 millimetres. 

The massive amount of water has triggered 15 complaints about flooding, most of them in places that have been hit before. 

Coun. Gerry Parrott said it's hard to keep up with the constant storms, even though there are tenders out for $4 million worth of storm sewer and pipe upgrades.

"It's a challenge, and our crews are constantly at it, making sure that the storm drains are clear and there's nothing obstructing them, but we're still having problems," he said.

Parrott said the town hopes to have all the flood remediation work done by the end of the year.

"Storm events are so intense now, its just not running off so fast as we 'd like to have it. So hopefully now we'll do upgrades and have a solution," he said.

In July, the average temperature in Gander was 27 C.