There are some smoking hot accordion players in Newfoundland and Labrador, but this morning the instrument was literally on fire, at a Gander personal care home.

"There was a couple of buttons melted. That was about it. No serious damage to the building or anybody or the accordion itself.' - Adison Quilty

When fire crews responded to a call from Golden Years Estate, they found a small amount of smoke in a room but no flame and everyone was safe.

Adison Quilty of Gander Fire and Rescue told CBC's Central Morning Show that it was one of the stranger calls he has responded to.

"It was unusual," said Quilty.

Quilty said that the fire wasn't caused by any fast playing fingers but because the accordion was placed against an electrical heater.

"The heat from the heater eventually melted the buttons and created a little bit of smoke in the room," said Quilty.

The incident was a reminder that temperatures are dropping and fire departments want to remind people to be cautious with heat sources in their homes.

"We tell people to keep a minimum of 18 inches clearance around electrical heaters at all times," said Quilty. "Just in case things like this fall up against a heater or anything like that overnight."