Production shutdown at Wabush Mines left nearly 400 people out of work, but an announcement just days later that government approved a third transmission line from Churchill Falls to Labrador West came as a relief to many.

The link will allow Alderon Iron Ore Corp. to go ahead with its planned Kami Mine in the area.

Mark Morabito, executive chairman of the company, said their new mine, once up and running, would have enough openings to replace those jobs at Wabush Mines.

Morabito also said Alderon may be considering purchasing Wabush Mines – not to resume operations at the site, but to look at possible synergies with their operation.

Women in politics in N.L.

With the resignation of Kathy Dunderdale from her role as premier, there is only one remaining female party leader left in the house of assembly. In the last municipal election, St. John's voted in an all-male city council.

Lynn Hammond and Sheilagh O'Leary are both with Equal Voice, a non-partisan group aimed at getting more women involved in politics.

O'Leary said there are many reasons women who may have an interest in politics don't step forward to participate.

"I can certainly speak from personal experience, as a woman who's been very interested as a community activist turned politician, and I think that there are a lot of challenges for women," she said.

"We do deal with a lot of sexism. We talk about childcare issues, that's huge, because often times women are the people who run the family household."

Morabito, Hammond and O'Leary are guests on this week's On Point with Peter Cowan.