A community group in Grand Falls-Windsor says its stockpile of donated furniture has dried up, but the demand keeps on growing.

The Homes Helping Homes group helps people in need get their furniture basics, but in the last week the group fielded eight requests that wiped out most of its stores.

Wayne Noble Homes Helping Homes

Wayne Noble, with Homes Helping Homes, says the community group is running low on furniture donations for people in need. (CBC)

Wayne Noble, with the group, said he even had to turn some people away because their requests couldn't be filled.

"You got to look across your desk and say to a lady who has nothing in her apartment, and say, 'I'm sorry, I have no furniture, I don't have a bed for you, I don't have a couch,'" said Noble.

"We still have two outstanding families that are in need of something, even to sleep on. One lady has a couch, but the other lady doesn't even have a couch or a bed."

A new donation Thursday brought in a few furniture pieces, but Noble said most of it is already spoken for.

Noble said while their storage room is close to empty, he hopes people will make more donations once word gets around town.

"It's going to grow, no doubt, as word gets out, but how big it grows, I guess that's a difficult question to answer," he said.