Full smoking ban now in effect at MUN campuses

As of today, smokers will have to leave university property to light up.
MUN officials say the smoking ban will make the university a healthier place to live, work and study. (iStock)

Memorial University is now a smoke-free zone.

MUN has limited smoking areas for the past two years, with smokers having to stay a certain distance from any entrance.

Now, they have to leave campus completely to light up.

The Memorial University campus in St. John's. (CBC )

"Memorial is committed to providing a safe, smoke-free environment for its students, faculty and staff," Kent Decker, the univesity’s vice-president of administration and finance, said in a press release.

"Going smoke-free will make Memorial University a healthier place to live, work and study."

But Antoinette Fekete, an instructor and a student at MUN, thinks the ban is infringing on students’ rights.

"I know smoking is unhealthy, I know it stinks, and I know there are lots of reasons for which it should be banned, it shouldn’t be allowed," Fekete said.

"But even so, I don’t like when somebody from the outside is telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, because at the end of the day, it’s my choice if I decide to do things moderately."

The university said it will put up posters and billboards to remind people of the ban.

Memorial said it is offering programs to help people quit smoking.