Tankers collide near Lewisporte, federal safety agency says no pollution

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating a collision between two ships in Notre Dame Bay.

Accident happened Friday night while ships were attempting fuel transfer

This fuel tanker was damaged in a collision with another tanker near Loon Bay on Friday night. (Jack Ronalds/MarineTraffic.com)

The Transportation Safety Board says there was minor damage and no pollution from a collision between tankers in Notre Dame Bay.

The federal agency confirms the ships collided Friday night while the vessels were trying to tie up for a fuel transfer near Loon Bay, in the Lewisporte area.

The Travernstern and the Havelstern, part of the Woodwards Coastal Shipping fleet, were damaged, but are still seaworthy, according to the board.

"The was no pollution and no injuries," TSB investigator Pierre Murray said Monday. 

It was windy at the time, Murray told CBC News. "There was some little scratch and bumping between the two vessels," causing minor damage on the bow and in the accommodations quarters.

"There is a six-inch crack that happened in one of the ballast tanks. The ballast tank is where you put water to deepen the draft of the vessel," Murray said, adding the crack is above the water line.

He said the investigation is over for now, but the file could be reopened if a systemic problem is identified.

With files from Melissa Tobin