Dozens of people showed up at a public meeting with wildlife officials in Glovertown Friday to put them on notice that something has to be done, and done quickly, about the town's bear problem.

The town has been struggling with the issue since the spring, but nothing wildlife officers do seems to solve it.

Three bears have been shot recently in the area between Glovertown and Eastport, and one local resident says he has been told he will face charges.

Glovertown, NLGlovertown

Judy Holloway told the meeting it's time for action.

"I think the bears should be taken care of now — not months down the road, not next spring, now," Holloway said.

"Lives are at stake, as far as I'm concerned."

Meanwhile, Barry Hunt made it very clear after the meeting where he stands.

"I'd like to see the wildlife [officers], once the bear's trapped, shoot it — not relocate it, and have it come back in a couple of days time," Hunt told CBC News.

"So I think the problem should be addressed right now."

Wildlife officials aren't planning a cull, but will step up patrols and put out more bear traps. They have also hinted that some bears may be killed.

Some 15 bears have already been trapped and moved, but many have returned.

Wildlife officials estimate there are more than 30 in the area.