A man who came to Canada as a temporary foreign worker offers his insight about why people from his home country come to Canada for work.

Joel Leynes moved to the province from Philippines when he got a job offer, and said he couldn't pass up the chance.

He worked in his home country as an operations manager at a supermarket, similar to Wal-Mart, and took a sales clerk job at a convenience store when he got to Canada.

"I worked as a clerk for more than two years — I think two years and a half — so when I got my permanent residency under the provincial nominee program I tried applying for another job and I got a job from one of the financial institutions in Goose Bay," said Leynes.

"The money which I earn from here is really big when you convert it to my money in the Philippines, even if I'm just being paid the basic salary here, it's something in my country."

Leynes said allowing employers to bring in temporary foreign workers help them fill in the jobs that people in the country aren't applying for.

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