From Frank Coleman to Hill O' Chips: This week in 9 quotes

Frank Coleman exits the political stage, a 92-year-old novice parachuter puts his trust in the Almighty, and Mark Critch wonders where the salt trucks are headed in St. John's: they're all part of our roundup of what was said this week.
Frank Coleman announced his decision to leave politics at a news conference in St. John's on Monday. (David Cochrane/CBC)

This week, a would-be premier became a probable footnote to political history, a provincial advocate expressed new concerns about children at risk, and an adventurous senior prepared for a flight like no other. Here are some of the quotations we brought you over the last week. 

Frank Coleman, exit stage right 

"A significant and challenging family matter has arisen over the last week that will see me unable to continue on to the convention in July, and hence unable to take the office of premier." 

- Frank Coleman, announcing Monday that he will be returning to private life, just weeks before he was set to become premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

John Crosbie on Coleman's departure

"They now have a chance to get over the mistakes of the past three or four months, and hopefully come up with a competitive convention ... not as the last thing, you could only say was farcical. I'd run myself if I wasn't too old."

- John Crosbie, who had earlier suggested the Tories were committing "hara-kiri" with the Frank Coleman coronation, speaking with reporters Wednesday on how the PCs will have another opportunity to pick a new leader before the next election. 

Child deaths 

"I would think that one is a high number."

- Children and Youth Advocate Carol Chafe, describing her alarming revelation that four children died in recent years while their families were receiving government services. 

Danny Williams speaks to delegates at the NOIA convention in St. John's on Friday. (CBC)

Nalcor's critics

"Nalcor is our Crown jewel ... We own it. It's ours, folks. Why are we out shitting on it in the public for?"

- Former premier Danny Williams, defending the Crown corporation's record and potential at NOIA's conference on Friday. 

Torrence Collier's story made national headlines earlier this month. (CBC)

Moving away

"We know we need a change for Torrence's sake. He feels more alone now than ever, and we just want to leave Westport right now." 

- Heather Collier, speaking this week on why her family may move to Corner Brook or Stephenville after the family spoke about bullying and racist comments against Torrence, whose story made national headlines earlier this month. 

A massive leap 

"When I jump out of that plane, I am jumping out into the arms of almighty God, and he will take me safely up to heaven - or down to earth."

- Rev. Wesley Oake, 92, talking about his plans to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet as part of a fundraising campaign to complete the Gander Heritage Memorial Park. 

Joan Sears spoke out publicly about her husband's treatment in a St. John's tertiary hospital. (CBC)

Leukemia concern 

"This is a life-threatening situation for him. If he gets a bug that they can't fix with antibiotics, because he has been in emergency so long … who's responsible for that?" 

- Joan Sears, who spoke out publicly after her leukemia-afflicted husband, Keith Perry, spent more than two days on a stretcher in the Health Sciences Centre emergency room. 

Craving some taters

"If there's one thing I've gotten from viewing this series on TV, it's this: I've never heard of Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters but I want some."

- Matt Powell, the mayor of Cedar Park, Texas, tweeting while watching the final game between the Texas Stars and the St. John's IceCaps. The tweet was warmly embraced by local fans, too, with more than 100 retweets. 

A greasy mess

On another light note, our final thought was a quick bit of wit from Mark Critch, who responded to our story this week about the spill of cooking oil on, where else, Hill O' Chips in downtown St. John's. 


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