A weekend berry picking trip ended up turning into a plane crash rescue mission for one couple from Labrador.

Dora Hopkins and her partner Job were berry picking Saturday morning when they noticed a plane overhead was in trouble.

"I said 'oh my God it's crashing,'" she said.

"Like, it's gonna crash, it's going in for a landing," said Hopkins.

Dora and Job Hopkins

Dora and Job Hopkins, were the first to help a 34-year-old pilot after he crashed landed in Groswater Bay. The Hopkins were berry picking near Rigolet when they noticed the aircraft going down. (Jodene Hopkins)

The private Cessna 206 —which had left Goose Bay Airport enroute to Greenland— was flying 10 kilometres east of Rigolet when it crash-landed in Groswater Bay around 10:30 a.m..

Lost oil pressure, smoke in cockpit

The 34-year-old male lone pilot was not injured, despite radioing that there had been a loss of oil pressure and smoke in his cockpit.

After bringing the plane down safely in the bay, the pilot was met by a small boat with the Hopkins' aboard.

"The main concern is like, 'is everybody okay aboard the plane?'" Hopkins recalled.

"Thank God he was good, [the pilot] was a bit shook up I think but he was good," she said.

"He said he was ok and that he had had better days," said Hopkins.

Plane Crash Groswater Bay

This plane was successfully crash landed in Labrador's Groswater Bay on Saturday Aug. 30. (Natalie Andersen)

The Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre in Halifax sent three helicopters to rescue the man, but called them off after a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter — that happened to be in the area — was able to get to the accident scene faster.

The RCMP also sent a boat out to the plane after the rescue to ensure that the emergency responder was turned off.