People in Labrador are rallying together to support a local family who had to fly to St. John's for surgery on their baby daughter who has a troubling condition affecting her skull.

The cost to be in the city for the surgery for eight-month-old Charlie Chubbs will be paid for with the help of a family friend, who spent seven hours on Monday walking along the North West River Road outside Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Dylan Hynes said the 40-kilometre walk was daunting, but he couldn't keep the image of his friend's daughter out of his mind and knew he had to help.

Spencer Chubbs

Spencer Chubbs says without the support from family and friends back home in Labrador, he wouldn't have been able to bring his daughter to St. John's for the surgery she needs. (CBC)

"Even though my body was telling me to stop, I would say, 'No, keep going,'" said Hynes.

"I just felt like I had to do it."

Chubbs has a condition that has caused parts of her skull to fuse together, meaning her brain won't have the room to grow that it will need as she gets older.

'It's agonizing,' says father

Hynes said people need to be willing to help those like Chubbs who are unable to do anything about their situation.

"She don't have a voice, so she can express her pain, yes, but she can't say anything, and she needs to be taken care of," he said.

Spencer Chubbs and his family were in St. John's Tuesday, to get ready for Charlie's surgery Wednesday morning.

He said without the support of people back home, the family wouldn't be able to get the medical help they need.

"Time has been going really slow because we're just leading up to the time of the surgery, and it's agonizing, really. It's a parent's worst nightmare, but it's been as good as it can be, I guess," said Chubbs.

"I feel real grateful. I just … we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them [so] thank you. We wouldn't have been able to come out, we wouldn't get the treatment that she needs, so if it wasn't for all the people, we wouldn't be here."