Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for a winter storm that has the potential to hit parts of eastern Newfoundland on Friday.

The CBC's Ryan Snoddon said a wet and blustery afternoon is possible for people in eastern Newfoundland on Friday. 

He said the Avalon Peninsula, the Bonavista Peninsula, the Burin Peninsula and Clarenville all could experience significant snowfall, high winds, and blowing snow beginning on Friday afternoon.

"While forecast models continue to shuffle on this still yet to develop system, all signs are pointing towards a large area low pressure system moving in through the day on Friday," said Snoddon.  

"As always, the track and ultimate strength of the system will be key, but significant snow and strong winds are certainly looking possible for St. John's and eastern Newfoundland, with the potential for some ice pellets and freezing rain mixing in as well." 

While the east has the best chance of seeing the biggest impacts from the storm, Snoddon said central Newfoundland is also likely to see some snow on Friday.

He said the storm is looking like a longer duration event, with the system rolling in through Friday and continuing through the night and most of Saturday as well.  

Environment Canada said it's still too early to predict how much snow each area will receive.