Friction grew between accused, victims, Neville trial told

A Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador courtroom heard testimony Wednesday of a clash between Steven Neville, Ryan Dwyer and his friends.

As the Steven Neville trial continued in St. John's Wednesday, more testimony pointed to an inevitable clash between Neville, Ryan Dwyer and his friends.

Doug Flynn was stabbed to death and Ryan Dwyer stabbed in October of 2010.

Neville is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Ryan Dwyer and Neville had been friends, but two years ago, friction between them grew and ignited.

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador courtroom heard about a text Dwyer sent to a friend. Dwyer wrote: "I hope Neville dies the most painful death he can."

But it would be Dwyer's friend, Doug Flynn, who would end up dead.

Victoria French, the friend who received the text from Dwyer, was on the stand Wednesday in Supreme Court. She testified that Dwyer was fixated on beating up Neville.

She told the court, as others have, that Dwyer became jealous when Neville took over his cocaine business and was able to turn people against Neville. She said the night of the blow-up, Dwyer ran towards the car Neville was in saying to Flynn, "Let's go get Neville."

She said when the fighting was over, Neville ran off sceaming: "This is what you wanted. You've been after me for months. I'm going away for life for this."

The trial continues Thursday in St. John's.