Fallout after photos were posted online of the festivities at a downtown St. John's club has produced mixed messages from people on social media.

Allure, one of the newest venues on George Street, invited American nightlife photographer Kirill to take pictures of the festivities for their opening weekend party.

Kirill, who has called himself a "Slut Whisperer" on Twitter, posted photos on his website of semi-nude young women that were allegedly taken at the club.

CBC confirmed with family members of some of the girls in the photos that they were, in fact, underage. The Newfoundland Liquor Corporation has suspended the club's liquor licence, pending an investigation.

However, the bar has plenty of supporters. People took to Twitter with the hashtag #freeallure to show their support for Allure to reopen.

One of the employees at the bar tweeted her support for the bar she works at, hoping it would be open again soon.

But many people on Twitter thought the idea of supporting the bar and allowing it to reopen was less than desirable.

One person had a more optimistic outlook about what the media attention may mean for Allure.

Patrons of the club took to Allure's Facebook page to add comments of support to a status that accuses local media of what it calls "sensationalized journalism."

"Never once have I seen any nudity whatsoever in this bar. People stereotyped this bar as 'skeety' because of these photos when they never even checked out the bar themselves. Lights, music, bar staff are all amazing! #freeallure," Chantel Hanlon said in a Facebook comment.

"Every ... bar on the street lets underage people in. People have fake ids most of the time they're caught sometimes they aren't, it happens," Greg Noseworthy said in another Facebook comment on the Allure page.

"Under age people getting into a bar is not an issue exclusive to Allure it happens everywhere ... People are just jumping on the bandwagon and pointing fingers it's ridiculous #freeallure."

In a post on the Allure Facebook page on Thursday afternoon, the club said they are expecting news "very soon" about whether or not they will be open for the weekend.

However, the NLC said it could not comment on when the liquor licence suspension might be lifted.