The Bannerman Park Foundation said Thursday it will support whatever decision St. John's City Council makes on the fate of the park's bandstand.

Performer Mary Walsh, who's also the foundation's campaign chair, said the public should make its opinion about the landmark known to council.


The Bannerman Park bandstand. (CBC)

"It's not like parking; it's not like other city hall issues. It is about this park, that is the people's park," she said.

"If the people want the bandstand to be here, then by God we're [going to] work really hard to keep it. And if people don't want it to be here, then let it go," she said.

Council was slated to vote this week on the $6-million park revitalization plan, which includes demolition of the 72-year-old bandstand.

But Mayor Dennis O'Keefe wants to keep the structure, and convinced the council to defer the vote until Monday.

Walsh said if council voted for the proposed replacement pavilion, the structure would include many updated features.

"[A] larger, Victorian style bandstand that will actually have lights, and sound equipment, and we can actually have bands in there... standing in the bandstand," she said.

Walsh said the structure would also be accessible for people with disabilities.