Newfoundland and Labrador's first incorporated town is recognizing a big anniversary on Friday — even though it no longer exists.

The former town of Windsor was created on Nov. 1, 1938, and thanks to one citizen, the occasion is being marked with a big celebration.

Wayne Lynch

Wayne Lynch is the co-chair of the Diamond Jubilee Committee. (CBC)

Wayne Lynch, co-chair of the Diamond Jubilee Committee, said 75 years makes for a lot of memories.

"I just felt we owed it to our ancestors to celebrate life as it was back then," Lynch said.

For the last year and a half, Lynch worked on creating a video that gives a detailed look into Windsor's past. 

Windsor was an unorganized settlement on the other side of the tracks from Grand Falls. It used incorporation to lift itself out of poor living conditions, a model soon followed by dozens of other communities across the island.

"Clean drinking water, garbage collection, street lighting, paving ... these are the things that evolved from what happened in Grand Falls station — and now the former town of Windsor, in 1938," said Lynch.

Windsor amalgamated with Grand Falls in 1991, but many want to keep their hometown's history alive. 

'I just felt we owed it to our ancestors to celebrate life as it was back then' - Wayne Lynch 

"You have them on both sides of town, people who are from Grand Falls first, and Grand Falls-Windsor second - and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you know we live in one community at the end of the day," Lynch told CBC.

Laurie Bollard was born and raised in Windsor.

"It means a great deal ... I'm proud to be from Windsor, I'm proud that I got to grow up in Windsor and meet the people I've met .. and I'm proud of where I came from." 

Friday night's video screening, dinner and dance has been sold out for months, but Lynch said he will eventually post his history of Windsor on YouTube.